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Along the Edge is a visual novel set in the European countryside, where your choices impact the main character's personality and appearance.

Daphné is at a dead-end. She's unsatisfied by her personal and professional life. So, when she inherits an old family house in a remote part of the country, she jumps at the opportunity to start anew.

Does she decide to embrace her legacy or does she hang to her old way of life?


  • An adult and slightly occult universe painted with the vibrant colors the European countryside.

  • Each of your choices impact the main character personality, mood and appearance.

  • A huge amount of content, enough to fill a two years compendium of a comic-book series:
    — Over 450 hand-made fullscreen illustrations and 20 characters with over 400 different variants and attitudes (including 38 possible appearance evolutions of the main character, Daphné),
    — 80.000 words in English and in French (which would translate into a 400 pages novel).

  • 60 different endings, 28 achievements to unlock. Throughout the story, your choices will impact:
    — how the plot ends (6 possibilities),
    — the destiny of the main character (4 possibilities),
    — the romantic relationships of the main character (3 possibilities),
    — several smaller plot points (such as the life or death of some supporting characters).


Buy Now$13.99 USD or more

In order to download this interactive novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Along the Edge — Windows (64bits) 631 MB
Version 2.1.2
Along the Edge — Mac 630 MB
Version 2.1.2
Along the Edge — Linux 629 MB
Version 2.1.2
Along the Edge — Windows (v1.5.2) 476 MB
Along the Edge — Mac (v1.5.2) 509 MB
Along the Edge — Linux (v1.5.2) 483 MB
Along the Edge — Windows 32bits Edition (v1.5.2) 485 MB

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Hello I got this and cant find my steam key on the download page .Please Help !

When you say this world is more adult, do you mean this game is meant for adults?

Okay so,who is the third option? Or is it no third person and you just choose to be single?

Yes, single is the third romantic option. ~Geoffroy.


Hi, is this game updated to the last version that came on Steam (2.1.1) or would it be better to purchase it there to have the most bug free version?

Hello AbdelStrife! Updates 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 were Steam Deck related, so you won't notice any difference between itch.io and Steam version if you don't plan to play on the device. Hope it helps. Best, ~Geoffroy.

I have to remind myself to give this another playthrough, because I really enjoyed it and am so curious about the other outcomes! Loved the unique art style as well.


I received this game through Twitch Prime and enjoyed it immensely. I'll definitely be checking out more games from you! I have a complete review on my blog that goes into my thoughts on the story, mechanics, and writing. 

So. First run-through of the story, and I have to say that I was absolutely mesmerized. The story is beautifully thought out and well written, the art is gorgeous, the music is gorgeous... I could not have asked for anything more. I loved the story so much, and was so intrigued by it all that I sat on the edge of my seat just dying to know what would happen next. 10/10 would purchase again in a heartbeat.

Just wanted to say, I just bought the game last night, and as soon as I've finished it I'm gonna leave a honest an unbiased review both here and on Steam. But I'm not terribly worried; I'm positive that I am going to enjoy it :D


just wanted to let you know I was unable to properly install your game for mac directly from itch.io. I could download the zip file, and unzip, but when attempting to start the game this is the message I got. I'm running high Sierra v 10.13.6.  I was able to successfully install via the steam key. :)


Hello dana_scully,

I don't know what went wrong. I've re-uploaded the Mac version and it seems to work now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.





I seem to be having touble installing your game 64661, version  (Along the Edge Mac (v1.5.1 EN/FR/ZH).  I am using a macOS High Sierra ver 10.13.4. 

When I click on the install option in the itch app  it tries for a few seconds then stops, no error message is given.

Any help would be greatly appericated,



Hello Megan,

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.  We'll be taking a look at what might be going wrong ASAP.

In the mean time, you can try to download the game directly form the itch.io website or redeem your complementary Steam CD-Key to get the game from the Steam client.

Best regards,


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Thank you for the quick reply!

 I will try to download the game from the itch.io website first. I hope this works because I am looking forward to playing 


UPDATE:  When downloaded from the website and opened it gives me an error message that the file is damaged


lovely..even if i played it a long time ago:)

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I had tremendous pleasure and fun reading/playing this visual novel. 

The art is, simply put, gorgeous, and I surprised myself several times stopping the flow of the game to zoom in on the screen and check out the details. Is the artist a painter ?

The story is, equally so, "worth telling" as my grand-parents used to say, because one can feel it was beautifully crafted. It's intriguing, surprising and... well, of the kind that I want to see everywhere in VNs, because it's everywhere in books, in tales, in legends where I live. It's very refreshing compared to the usual tropes of the genre.

Thank you very much!

I hope there will be more in the future, please do let us know when time has come! Wishing you all the best et Merci!


Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Glad you enjoyed Along the Edge.

If you want to keep in touch with our next project you can follow us on social networks. ;)



Bonjour, j'ai un petit soucis. Je viens d'acquérir le jeu, mais pas moyen d'extraire le zip après l'avoir téléchargé. Quand je lance l'utilitaire mac, j'obtiens ce message "Impossible de décompresser - (Erreur 2 - Fichier ou répertoire inexistant)". 

J'ai testé d'autres logiciels (Keka, 7zx...) et de le décomprésser à partir du terminal, en vain. J'ai aussi tenté de l'installer à partir du logiciel itch. Le jeu est téléchargé, mais l'installation s'interrompt en plein milieu... Enfin, j'ai essayé de le télécharger plusieurs fois, mais le problème est toujours le même...

Bref, je suis à court d'idées... Pouvez-vous m'aider? 

Merci d'avance!

(Je suis sous Mac Sierra 10.12.5).

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Bonsoir Leanhl,

désolé pour le désagrément. Je viens de tester le .zip, tout semble pourtant fonctionner. J'ai réactivé le téléchargement Mac de la version précédente (la seule différence majeure est le support du chinois). Pouvez-vous tester cette version s'il-vous-plait? (fichier : Along the Edge Mac (v1.3.5 EN/FR)).

Si le problème persiste, pouvez-vous, s'il-vous-plait, nous envoyer un email à alongtheedge@nova-box.com, nous essayerons de résoudre ça avec vous.




Bonjour Geoffroy,

Cette version fonctionne ! Merci beaucoup pour m'avoir apporté votre aide si rapidement !

J'ai très hâte de tester ce jeu qui a l'air magnifique, et je m'y mets de ce pas :)

Belle journée à vous!


J'ai acheté le jeux il y à un moment, j'ai participé au Greenlight et l'ai vu apparaître sur Steam il y à quelques jours.
Je me demandait si les clefs Steam offertes pour ceux ayant déjà acheté le jeu sont toujours d'actualité ?

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Tout à fait !

Il faut cliquer sur le bouton "Download / Télécharger" en haut de la page du jeu et suivre les instructions.


Ah merci beaucoup ! Je cherchais un éventuel mail et je me suis rendu compte que je n'étais pas sur le bon compte.
Désolé du dérangement.


Salut, je me demandais si vous comptiez également vendre votre jeu sur le humble store ou gog ? Itch.io ca a l'air sympa, mais d'un point de vue pratique, je ne voudrais pas trop dispercer les plateformes sur lesquelles j'achète des jeux.

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Pas de sortie prévue sur GoG.com et l'Humble Store pour l'instant, désolé.


I wish you would remove that your game is an adult game, because the only games that say adult are porno games. This is not a porno game, and I am afriad that it could detract people from this great game.

Thank you for your concern (and glad you've enjoyed the game)!

We feel like we have to notify potential customers that this game is not really intended for a teenage audience, but maybe "adulte" doesn't translate well enough in English. What about "mature"? Does it carry the same "porn" undertones?

Thank you for your feedback!


J'ai acheté ce jeu un peu sur un coup de coeur au niveau des dessins et je dois dire que je suis agréablement surpris. Il y a une version française vraiment super bien faite ! L'histoire est intrigante et surtout, il y a plein de choix et ça c'est cool ahah. Seul regret sur ce jeu, c'est au niveau des succès, on n'a pas vraiment de petite description je trouve ça dommage mais bon je pense que c'est fait exprès. En tout cas j'y rejouerai sans hésiter pour essayer de débloquer d'autre fin ahah. Merci pour votre travail. :D

Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire! En effet, les descriptions des succès sont volontairement succinctes :)

How do I select my choices? I've tried everything from clicking to WASD/arrows and the enter key, and nothing works

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Have you tried restarting the game?

If the problem persists please send us an email, we'll try to troubleshoot it with you. :)

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Apologies, but I don't have your email so I'm putting this here. Hopefully at least doing so has the silver lining that if anyone else has this problem they'll get more information. Restarting the game helped, though so far my run-throughs of the game trigger the issue again and I have to restart if I want to use mouse controls. I've found that the tab and enter keys allow me to select options, and space and escape move the game forward and bring up the menu respectively. It's particularly odd that I can use the mouse to click through the main and in game menus, but not use them anywhere on the screen while in the midst of the game itself...

Sorry you're still having issues with running the game. You're the first one to tell us about this bug, I'm not sure how we can fix it for you. It might come from your hardware or another program you might be running. I hope it doesn't interfere too much with your enjoyment of the game.


Magique, j'ai toujours aimé lire mais les livres me font un peut peur, tous ces mots sur une seule page ont le pouvoir de me décourager, j'ai donc passer une grande partie de ma vie à dévorer des BD et depuis peut, j'ai découvert les Graphic Novels.
Il était impossible pour moi de passer à coter de celle si, la direction artistique est juste sublime, l'histoire travaillé et captivante ( Avec une version Française qui plus est, bien que je sois quasiment bi-langue ça fait plaisir. ), je suis d'ailleurs un peut triste de voir que certaines personnes sont prêtes à passer à coter juste pour des histoires de romances.
Bref, je dois avoué que je ne l'ai pas terminé car j'ai peur que ça ne laisse un grand vide dans ma vie pendant quelques jours.
Etant bientôt diplômé d'une école d'informatique, j’espère être à l’origine d'oeuvre de cette qualité.

On est ravis qu'Along the Edge t'ait plu. Bonne chance et bon courage pour tes projets !


Who are the romanceable characters within the game?


Romance is driven by the main story in Along the Edge, so we can't really answer you without entering spoilers territory.

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Then is Daphne interested in guys or girls? I'm straight so playing homosexual Visual Novels are a bit..... (No offence here)


The two possible romantic interests are male characters, you also have the option of staying single.


Oh, Thanks! This is just my kind of game.


Ça fait un moment que j’attends que ça sorte !! Je vais enfin pouvoir avoir MA fin ! En dehors de ça, les graphiques sont je crois plus réussis que de vrais photos, et l'histoire est tout simplement envoutante. C'est L'ambiance en général qui est superbement créée à travers les textes les événements et les dessins. Encore une fois, superbe. Seul Hic, la barre vas être drôlement haute pour le prochain ^^. Un Travail magnifique les gars, bravo.


Merci pour les compliments et un grand merci d'avoir pris la peine de nous donner ton avis ici. On est vraiment ravis que le jeu soit apprécié Geoffroy et moi.


Comment dire que c'est probablement l'un des meilleurs jeux auquel j'ai joué de toute mon existence ? L'ambiance est parfaite. Reposante et mélancolique, on est directement plongé dans le jeu et on veut directement en savoir plus. Je n'ai pas décroché deux parties d'affilé avant que le sommeil m'attrape, sinon j'aurais continué toute la nuit tellement l'ambiance attrape et ne veut plus laisser s'échapper. Bref Along The Edge est littéralement un bijou que je conseille à tout le monde.


Merci mille fois, ça nous touche beaucoup !


Très bon jeu.

Que ce soit au niveau des graphismes, de l'histoire ou de la programmation, Along the edge est un petit jeu indé bien peaufiné.

On rentre bien dans l'histoire (je suis assez fan de littérature fantastique en général) et les choix sont assez nombreux. Une sorte de Telltale à la française :)

On est vraiment ravis que tu aies trouvé le jeu intéressant et touchés par ce commentaire. :)


C'est pleinement mérité :) Pour avoir travaillé sur ce type de jeu, je devine en jouant tout le travail abattu au niveau de l'histoire, des graphismes, de l'interface, de la programmation et du débug.

Deleted post
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The 3 possible romantic situations in Along the Edge are: single, engaged or married. The game is really not about romance. :)

Deleted post

Please, note that Along the Edge isn't a dating sim, and since romance isn't the main focus of the story, we made sure that you can skip the romance part and still enjoy the main plot.


It's really a shame if somebody feels the urge to judge such a creative and artistically beautiful game just because it doesn't share his/her opinions of "diversity". Not every game needs to portray all aspects of social life - it wants to tell a story and it's the developer's poetical freedom to do so.

That said, I just decided to buy the game right now.

Deleted post

I don't get your fight over this matter. This is not an otome game or anything of the sort. It's a regular visual novel and the romance is not a main part of the plot. The developer decided not to make that the focus of the story. We have plenty of other otome games with yuri elements, etc out there to choose from.

Anyhow, this visual novel looks fantastic. I would love to know if it'll be on steam at some point.


Not everyone is gay. And not every piece of media has to represent a every single minority out there either. Gay people aren't special, they're equal like everyone else. Which is what sane people who are for gay equality would agree with.

I think that maybe you are not looking at this from the right angle. Clearly this visual novel was not written in the same, normal style of dating sim that most vns are written in. This game, from everything I am reading, is more heavily focused upon STORY. The author had a story to tell, and that story is theirs. I think that maybe you are free to not want to read a story that you don't want to read, and free to walk away from it(so honestly nobody is forcing anything upon you), but it's honestly kind of rude to try to dictate how someone's story should go.  As a person who writes myself, I can tell you this: An author is an artist, and words are their medium. If you don't like the art, just walk away. But don't think to dictate how an artist should paint/write/sing/ or dance. Art cannot be contained, cannot be caged, and each artist should be free to express themselves as their inspiration dictates, else it is not art at all. To be fair, there are plenty of otomes that cater to the LGBTQ community's tastes. Some people prefer straight romances, but you don't see them hounding the author of a game about it when there is no straight romance option in an otherwise intriguing game. They simply don't purchase it; nor do they feel the need to rub it into the authors face in what feels like an attempt to MAKE the author change. I feel that it is only fair if we treat other games the same way.


Hey don't worry about i'll probably gonna buy your game(depend on my budget),don't listen to these losers who're bitching you to put whatever you don't wish to put.Diversity my ass.


This game looks absolutely stunning and the concept sounds fascinating. Wonderful design!


Thank you!


I played your game. I have some complaints. But overall I enjoyed it. Wanna get it on steam. And please add more chapters if you can ;)


Looks great! :D I made a small article about your game here: http://igdsunshinemag.com/Mag/along-the-edge/

Let me know if you would like some help with marketing and promotion! ^_^

Keep up the good work!


It's nice, thanks for the information.