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Hi, I'm a french fan of all your games. I played the two previous that I really liked especially Along The edge I loved the unique style of making choices and figuring out the consequences later. A good friend of mine offered me this game and let me tell you I'm really happy. I'm not even done yet with my first playthrough but I'm so enjoying it so far. You really succeeded to bring back some elements of Along the edge with some mysteries elements of Seer Isle. This comment is just here to congrats the team for this beautiful new game (the songs are amazing) and I can't wait to see your next projects. Wish you the best :)

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Thanks a lot for your kind words. It means a lot to us. :) ~Geoffroy.

Does Across the Grooves use Unity or your old Electron based engine ? I remember a developer on your team mentioning you were thinking about a switch but i'm not sure if this game is part of that.


Hi! We've indeed made the switch to Unity with this game. ~Geoffroy.

Sounds interesting, i'll keep an eye out for it on release.


Can't wait! Previous games were enchanting. Good luck :)

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I can see the 4 symbols at the top of the screenshots, does this mean you are going to follow the same system as in Seers Isle? Because if that's the case... I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I feel like Along the Edge had a much better execution and narrative compared to Seers Isle. With Along the Edge choices felt meaningful, while with the SI system... It just didn't.

Also, to clarify, something I would really like to know as early as possible is, will we get locked to certain characters depending on stats like on SI, or we will we able to actively choose the characters we want to get with like in AtE?   

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This game will definitely be more akin to Along the Edge than to Seers Isle. I'm sorry to hear you enjoyed one more than the other, but I certainly hope you will give us another chance to win you over! ~Geoffroy.